There are three Leverage models:
(1) Standard (2) Deluxe (3) Super Deluxe


The game of LEVERAGE


 --   WoW !

How many games have you played that
have such a
rich resumé ??!!

1. Hailed as a favorite 4 years by GAMES Magazine.

2. An exciting board game of strategy with unique action feature.

3. "Great new strategy game" -- Past President of largest US Chess club.

4. Includes weighted pieces (3 different sizes) and is built around the universal laws of balance and force.

5. International attraction for ages 8 to 108!

6. "Very unique and challenging" -- former Captain of GMU Chess Team.

7. Easy to learn, yet tactics and strategy can be as sophisticated and challenging as the players themselves.

8. "Encourages strategy building and imaginative thinking" -- Gifted Children News Letter

9. Two opposing strategies (speed & sacrifice vs. conservation & mass force) provide intrigue and depth, as either may be merged into the other as the game unfolds.

10. "A new experience each time it's played" -- US Leverage Champ

11. Constant action potential -- Jump, capture, sacrifice, block; and, the players may rock the board at any time to see how the leverage advantage is changing.

12. Suspense -- The board always stabilizes at a basically level position until a move is made which tilts it all the way over; there is no halfway tilt!

13. Vibrant -- LEVERAGE does not grow "old" the more it is played; rather, it is a game that comes more alive each time it's played.

14. Play of game is 20 to 40 minutes -- Dynamic and FUN!

15. A 30-day full-price refund GUARANTEE! Now how many games give you that?!!!



All models are fundamentally the same and use the same rules.    Not available in stores.

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Colorful, tough, polystyrene plastic parts and easy rules.  Safety Zone defined by green trapezoid. Box is 16" long.

30 day Guarantee!




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Larger and more tilting action.  Colorful, tough, plastic parts that include Balance Clips to fine tune the Board. Playing Pieces can stand on table. Box is 20" long. Safety Zone defined by gold rings.
30 day Guarantee!



Super Deluxe

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Colorful Acrylic Playing Pieces and Acrylic ivory Board and Support Base.  Individually machined.  Playing Pieces are  translucent. Safety Zone defined by black trapezoid.
Guaranteed but not returnable.



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Leverage -- the International Game of Force!




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