Deluxe Leverage Game

Red Leatherette box with gold foil embossing



Very colorful, sophisticated, high impact plastic!


VERY TOUGH, and 25% larger than the Standard model.


Each game comes with white Point Pieces, three sizes of red-orange and blue Playing Pieces, Board, Support Base, Balance Clips, and Rules.




Balance clips are provided to fine tune the balance of the board when set up for play.



The Deluxe model is 25% larger than the Standard, and it is more "active."  That is, it will tilt a more exciting number of times during the play of the game.



Profile and the different size Playing Pieces.


The player on the left (blue) has tilted the board and can remove a Point Piece from the downed end.  In this picture, his opponent is removing the piece for him.


Here, three Playing Pieces have been captured and five Point Piece have been removed.



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