Super Deluxe Leverage Game


Red Leatherette box with gold foil embossing

Please note: Super Deluxe games are special orders and although guaranteed (defective parts will be replaced) they are not returnable.

Brilliant translucent and opaque Acrylic plastic.!


Comes with yellow Point Pieces, three sizes of red and blue translucent Playing Pieces, ivory color Board and Support Base, and Rules.



All parts are solid pieces and individually machined with very accurate tolerances.



The player on the right (blue) has tilted the board and can remove a Point Piece from the downed end.




Continued from above ...

...The player on the right (blue) has removed a Point Piece from the downed end of the Board, so the Board has returned to a level position.



Here we see 1 blue Playing Piece captured, 3 red Playing Pieces captured, and 4 Point Pieces removed (and another Point Piece needs to be removed).


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