Expert players have proven that both strategies work equally well!

"Encourages strategy building and imaginative thinking" - Gifted Children's Newsletter!

There are two basic strategies, and they can be mixed and switched as the game is played:

1) Speed, sacrifice, and surprise.

2) Massive force and protection of pieces.

Suspense!  You could end the game and lose!

Because ... the winner is
(1) the player with the most points when the game is ended, or, (2) the player that ends the game if both players have equal points.

Q: How does the game end?

A: When a player moves all of his remaining (uncaptured) pieces into the distant safety zone.

Obviously, you don't want to end the game if you have less points than your opponent. Duh!

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A  Classic Game and  a
 First Class  Challenge!








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