Leverage action is UNIQUE!

Suspenseful !!
Three dimensional!


1. The board is engineered in accord with momentum-force physics so that it remains level until a player gains enough leverage advantage to make the board tilt (drop all the way down at one end).

2. Therefore, when players move their pieces, the board remains level (even though it becomes unbalanced) until enough of a difference is made.

3. So, there is no "in between stage."  The board never tilts half-way; it either stays level or tilts all the way down.

4. During the play of the game, a player may "rock" the board when it's his turn.  In other words, a player may press and release one end of the board to see how favorably the balance is shifting.  Of course, the board will rock back to the level position.

5. When a player's move tilts the board, a Point Piece is removed from the end of the board.  If the board stays down, then another Point Piece is removed. Then, the board returns to level and play resumes.

Blue tilts down the board and then ...
... removes a Point Piece.

Blue has removed a Point Piece and the board has returned to level.

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