Leverage ACTION plus Leverage MOVEMENT give you FUN with incredible depth!

1.  The Playing Pieces are three different sizes, so they have different effects when moved.  Also, each size has different capabilities and handicaps, which add to the depth and excitement of the game!

2.   Playing Pieces can move forward, sideways, backwards, and diagonally.  A player moves one of his pieces when it's his turn.

3.  A Playing Piece can be moved one space, or more than one space by jumping.  All jumps are optional.

4.  Some Playing Pieces can be captured when they're not in a "Safety Zone."  Playing Pieces are removed when captured, so that definitely changes the balance of the board.

5.  Allowing your Playing Pieces to be captured can be an advantage if it lightens up your side of the board, because you want the other side to drop in order to earn (remove) Point Pieces.

Hailed as a favorite by GAMES magazine for 4 years!


"A new experience
each time you play"
 - US Leverage Champ!

The above diagram is an example of multiple jumps with a blue Playing Piece during one turn by the player on the right.

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Make the force be with you!






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