"Very unique and challenging" - former Captain of George Mason University Chess Team!

How it works

The Leverage board tilts down completely -- every time a player gains enough leverage over his opponent.

The amazing thing is that the board has NO HALF-WAY TILT -- it either balances or it tilts all the way down! Yes, you can rock the board by pressing down one end and releasing , but when released it will return to a level position.


When your move tilts the board down at the side opposite from you, you earn a point.

This means that you remove a Point Piece from the downed end (Point Pieces are yellow in these pictures).

Then, the board will lift up and become level again (if it doesn't, you remove another Point Piece and get 2 points).

DYNAMIC Strategy!

 for more pictures plus exciting reasons why the strategies are so dynamic.








Leverage -- the International Game of Force!




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