Monkey's Bluff -- A cordial bluffing game!

A rather sophisticated game played with crafty levity and wily persuasion for ages 12 and up.   The dice are passed while under the cup, so only the Passing Player knows the value (the Passing Player can peek under the cup). Naturally, if the next player passes without shaking, then two people know what's under the cup.

After a challenge is made, a player (who is not the challenger or the one challenged) shakes the dice to start another "round." He can decide to pass to his right or left, and then the dice continue in that direction at least till the next challenge.

Is this monkey bluffing?

for video.

Persuade the other players to accept your calls and challenge someone else instead.  Stop the lead player by convincing others to challenge him!

This game has a lot of cool angles to it, and you MUST play it to discover them and master your bluffing technique!
It's a great party game for groups of people!

Monkey's Bluff is a game of bluffing usually played with a non-serious approach, though you could play it for high stakes!

For 4 to 10 players.

The winner is the player who is the first to circle the board.

The player who has the dice can peek under the cup to see the dice. Then he passes the dice (some or all of them are under the dice cup) to the next player.  As he passes the dice, he states out loud the value of the dice (he makes a "call"), but the actual value could be higher or lower.

Each time the dice are passed, the call must be something higher than before.

The Passing Player tries to convince the Receiving Player to accept that the value of the dice is at least what the Passing Player says they are worth. The Receiving Player can accept or challenge.

The number of spaces a player gets to move depends upon whether there is an acceptance or challenge, and who wins a challenge.

After peeking under the cup, a player can decide to shake some or all the dice before passing and making his call.

The game is designed so that it is usually better for the Passing Player to persuade and usually better for the Receiving Player to accept (versus forcing a challenge or making a challenge).

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