Gyration -- Strategy with a Spin !

Above --
Set up and ready to play.  Notice the green ring on the top spoke. The board and playing pieces are made of tough Acrylic plastic. The board is nearly 14" in diameter.

Below -
All the board pieces are laid out. The stand also comes apart (the pole comes out of the base, and the bottom part of the base swings under the top part). The board is an opaque orange, except for the pegs which are a translucent orange -- and some of them are white tipped.

Here's a near profile shot.  You can easily see the board's pegs that the playing pieces use during the play of the game.  The upright pole has a "stopper" (you can see it directly under the board) that holds the board steady while moving the playing pieces.

Please note: Gyration games are special orders and although guaranteed (free of defects) they are not returnable.

GYRATION is a strategy game that is all skill but amazingly fun! In addition, it is a totally unique and different two-player game that stands vertically as the game is played!  For ages 7 to 107!

It has a lot of rotating action and suspense, while the play is surprisingly light and moves quickly. To play a full game takes only 7 to 15 minutes.

It is truly amazing that a totally skill-based board game can elicit so much levity -- it's like the competition simply can't get too serious. Nonetheless, it can lead to a very challenging mastery, for the game actually has a depth that is simply not perceived initially -- a depth that can challenge the most ardent game player. The beauty of this game is that it can be easily understood and played by youngsters, while at the same time appreciated for the acute skill needed to master it.

The objective is to be the first to earn 3 of the 5 green rings.  A ring is placed on the top spoke at the start.  Whenever one spins off, another is put on the uppermost spoke at the time, and play continues.  Red tries to spin it off the right side, and for Blue it's the left.

A constantly shifting playing field provides intrigue and depth, as (for instance) the top half becomes the right half, the right half becomes the bottom half, the bottom half becomes the left half, and the left half becomes the top half.

Suspense -- Before a playing piece is moved, there is often an uncertainty about the effect it will have on spinning the board! Sometimes even a small move will generate a big spin.  Plus, when the board starts to spin, there is often a suspense about whether the spin will be great enough to spin off the green point ring. Furthermore, conditions can occur that allow a player to call a "reverse," which makes the players change direction.

High-Spirited -- Gyration is an exciting, quick playing game.  It is a game that is lively and new every time it is played!










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