Battle Fleet -- A game of battle on the high seas!

An excellent game of battle, especially for anyone who likes a good challenge on the high seas! This game is NOT a little kid's game, and is NOT recommended for ages under 10.

A combination of strategy and luck.  Pick your ships to move during your turn, then roll the dice to see how far you can move.

Next, target the enemy (if you're in range) and roll the dice to see how effective your shooting is.

Pieces included are:
Pieces for 4 sets of fleets -- 52 ships
One die
A game board
Instructions for assembly
Rules of Play

Battle Fleet is a board game for 2, 3, or 4 players.

Ships move and shoot during a player's turn.

Objective: Get one of your major ships into the enemy's Home Port.

Each player's fleet has:
  2 Aircraft Carriers
  2 Battleships
  2 Cruisers
  3 Destroyers
  3 Submarines
  1 Resupply Ship

Each type of ship has different:
  Movement capability
  Shooting power
  Hit vulnerability


Strategy and tactics are a real feature, yet so is the embodiment of "The best laid plans can go astray."

Rookies can be winners against veterans!

This game comes in a kit form of wooden pieces for the ships. All the pieces are pre-cut except for the guns, which are easy to do.  You just need some glue, and a little paint, too. Paint the ships to your delight -- make 'em dark or make 'em bright!

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