Spanish Six-Shooter Rubberband Gun

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Shoot six shots as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Plus, a much smoother trigger release than other multi-shot rubberband guns!

Enjoy max power with this long-barreled beauty!

This fly doesn't
stand a chance!
And actually, by
using the right
rubberband, there's
rarely a mess!

 to see a mean spider blown away.


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This sleek pistol manifests a dashing flair of Spanish elegance with the beauty of a rare masterpiece.  It is a handsome six-shot repeater made of tough black plastic with an "inlaid" textured finish.

The Spanish Six-Shooter is probably the most accurate multi-shot rubberband gun.  And, it is certainly one of the longest-barreled pistols ever made.  You can easily blast bugs of all sorts, as well shoot down clothes pins, for example, on the other side of the room!  Even knock over empty soda cans!

The pistol can utilize a wide variety of rubberbands, so ammo is always easy to get, and cheap, too!

 You can zap flies, spiders, moths, and mosquitos that are in those "hard to swat" places -- like corners, chandeliers, lamps, window sills, and stuff on tables, kitchen counters, and office desks.
And, if you feel like big game hunting,

just change your ammo and blast crickets, wasps, and hornets!  The Spanish Six-Shooter can zap them all, Seņor!


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